Lets Divide without actually dividing – Few tricks

r nesrAh..How is that possible Mama? My 7 year old son asked me as he read the heading of my new blogpost.. He loves these problems of division and multiplication etc  and knows that as he grows older I will be teaching him all about it( though not yet ready for the competition I have been teaching my sons about multiplication and division through play method, not with the paper or pencil yet.. For example I give one of them 10 sticks and will ask him to distribute it to 5 of his friends so that each one has the equal number of sticks and then I normally ask if they have to take it back and make 10 sticks then to how many friends do they have to go to..they are slowly getting wiser to my tricks though). However coming to the point of what I have written as a title..sounds funny but I assure you its not..

Lets see how we can do it.. Read on to find how we can simplify the division problems

In our next post we will write about more methods of doing the division in easy way..Write to us on a2yacademy@outlook.com if you want us to write on something specific

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