Math patterns with Calendar

I was recently watching a youtube video of Dr. Arvind Gupta ( to those who don’t know him..he has done a phenomenal amount of work in the area of science specially for children) and in the video I saw him using the calendar to show how the mathematical patterns can be found in the calendar and how an everyday thing like simple calendar can be made exciting to understand the complicated math problems. I tried to find a few patterns and I am giving few of the things that I found out. I found it very interesting and I hope that you will too.
in my next article I will show how you can make star puzzles, cross puzzles, teach finding the average of the number and make magic squares…

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  1. Bob Avakian
    Bob Avakian says:

    No real magic here. The diagonal sums are the same no matter how you array the digits since the top row will always be x and x+1 while the bottom y and y+1 making the diagonal sums x + (y+1) and (x+1)+y. Simple substation proves equivalency.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hi Bob, I agree that there is nothing magical , but how many of the teachers will try and think out of box and find these patterns in our everyday life objects is a question. This article written only from the teaching perspective where we can show the children how magical the numbers are..


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