Think Differently- Tricks for Addition

While teaching the double digit addition with carryover to my twin boys I was reminded of the method that one of our teachers had taught us in school to make Math fun and to take away the fear of math from our minds. The addition can be quite daunting for children when the numbers are written in a row. Try this method and see how easy it becomes for children to solve the addition problems with bigger numbers

We want to teach children math in such a way that they fall in love with it and should be able to think differently while trying to solve the problems that they find complicated..

Do try this method with kids and let us know the results..Let us also know the areas where the children might need some help or want to make it interesting we will be happy to write about it.  Do leave your comments here or write to us on

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Enjoy reading new Math tricks every week..happy weekend

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  1. Aas
    Aas says:

    Gets insight of place value system but saves no labor nor time. So its takeaway is something other than what’s claimed. It’s good idea


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