Making of a Wand – For Harry Potter Fans

My twin boys who are really a big fan of Harry Potter Series have been playing with sticks (which they have painted) as pretend wands. It was a perfect opportunity for me as a mother to introduce the electric circuit and help them make a wand that actually glows..So we decided to make a wand out of the materials that we had available at home… The list of the material is given below..(you can actually select anything that is available at home or you can find as a waste material.

Materials Required


Tape (I used surgical tape as it sticks really well..however you can use any tape or glue or Hot Glue as per your convenience)


Dowel or any stick that you can find ( If you can not find a stick you can use the straws and wrap it in the paper)

a paper clip to use as a switch

CR2032 3V Button Cell..

How to make the wand? It’s actually the easiest part once you have all the required parts.

Wand Making – Get the basic structure ready

The LED has a positive and negative the longer one is positive and the short one is negative. I have used the stuff that I had from other project that we had done. So we had a LED holder available . If you don’t have it don’t worry. Just wind your wires around the LED legs and secure the LED on top of the dowel. Tape the wires on the body either with the tape or with the glue gun.

creating basic structure of the wand

Once you have the basic structure ready then check the positive and negative side of the battery and fold and tape one wire as shown in the picture below

folding of the wire to create a switch

Make a Switch

If you don’t have the washer dont worry. you can use a paper clip, aluminium foil or any such small thing that will conduct electricity. Once done fix the battery as shown below

taping in the battery and creating a switch

Fold the wires and give final touch to your wand

Now fold and tape the other wire in such a way that the washer/paper clip/ Aluminium foil does not touch the battery but is positioned in such a way that once you press it, it will touch the battery and complete the circuit. Presto your wand is ready to play with.. you can wrap it with the paper and paint it to give it a real wand like look..

Wand testing
You can see me playing Lumos spell with my twins (who are out of frame)

Let us know once you have tried making the wand.. it’s a lot of fun for children…Follow us for more such ideas in Science and Math on our FB page.

You can also buy the supplies from us.. please visit the shop section for the same on our web site or click on the below link

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I got the idea from the website a big thank you. What I did was improvisation with the things available at home

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